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About Bhandarkar Publications

The Inception - Bhandarkar Publications was founded on October 1, 1975, by the Late Prof. K. R. Bhandarkar. He was an author, inventor and entrepreneur who held several patents on navigation. Prof. Bhandarkar also authored twelve books, the most acclaimed of which was Marine Radar in 1976.

About us

Bhandarkar Publications is a leading publication for the maritime industry, delivering reports and analysis on the latest developments, innovations, key shipping regions and sectors, industry personalities and more. In 1986, Capt.Vivek Bhandarkar, son of Late Prof. Bhandarkar, took over the mantle of Bhandarkar Publications.

Our Milestones

Since 1975, the company has published over 200 publications, booklets and articles for seafarers and audiences interested in navigation, economics and safety of merchant marine vessels. On 15th October 2001 he started a Shipping related weekly newspaper called Bhandarkar Shipping News, which has fulfilled a long felt need of the industry.

Our mission

Anticipating the rapid developments in the printing & publishing industry, Capt.Vivek Bhandarkar took the initiative to modernise the organisation by bringing the whole printing process in-house. He was instrumental in establishing the software development wing of the organization.

Our Flagship Companies

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