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Antwerp Port, a Port for all Reasons

World Maritime Day 2016 Message from Port of Antwerp

The challenges facing maritime sector are large, demanding long-term vision, creativity, innovation and out-of the box thinking. Port of Antwerp Chairman asserted they gladly accept them. On World Maritime Day this is a thought worth remembering.

Antwerp Port is situated on the river Scheldt. This makes it a unique location bringing cargo to the heart of Europe. When conventional thinking would indicate that larger vessels would prefer deep sea ports, Antwerp Port invested in building infrastructure which included dredging the river to take the largest
container vessels, ensuring the most efficient hinterland connections and a very large totally congestion free port.

With a quay length of almost 170 Km, Antwerp has a quay length which is larger than the coastline of Belgium. This ensures immediate berthing for vessels calling Antwerp. The large land area, extensive warehousing and hinterland connections have made Antwerp the preferred port for shipping lines thereby ensuring good foreland connections. In effect Antwerp Port is the ideal link in an increasingly complex supply chain between
the world and Europe.

The skill of the dock labour ensures the highest productivity in Europe with an average of about 40 moves per hour. As a result Antwerp Port closed the year 2015 with a record of 200 million tonnes of cargo and 9 million TEUs.

The motto “Everything is possible at the Port of Antwerp” is the motto which drives this growth. Earlier this year the biggest lock
in the world was inaugurated by HRM King Philippe of Belgium. A new Port House will soon be inaugurated which is a stunning masterpiece of design by the Late Dame Zaha Hadid. In her honour the area is named Zaha Hadid Plein and the new address of the Port House is 1 Zaha Hadid Plein. The port is looking at the future with an expansion of more than 1000 hectares and a new tidal dock with a long quay length.

In the words of the Chairman, Marc Van Peel and the CEO Eddy Bruyninckx, The challenges facing our sector are large, demanding long-term vision, creativity, innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. This is a challenge which we gladly accept.

” Eddy Bruyninckx who has served as the CEO for 25 years has been bestowed the Title of Baron by the King of Belgium for his extraordinary contribution to the development of the Port of Antwerp.

Antwerp Port is the second largest port in Europe and the largest Break Bulk, largest steel handling port and the largest chemical/ petrochemical integrated cluster in Europe.
Every cargo has a solution in Antwerp.

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