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JNPT Participates in DPD workshop conducted by BRIEF in Delhi

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Date: 02/03/2017

NaviMumbai: JNPT participated in a workshop on “Direct Port Delivery at Indian Ports-Challenges & Opportunities”, organized by Bureau of Research on Industry & Economic Fundamentals(BRIEF) in New Delhi on 27th Feb. The workshop was attended by Joint Secretary-Shipping, Join Secretary-Customs, Chief Commissioner-Jawahar Customs, Deputy Chairman-JNPT and various other stakeholders of DPD like CFS Association of India and Shipping lines.

JNPT participated in the technical session in the workshop, where Shri Neeraj Bansal, Dy.Chairman, JNPT gave presentation on “ Initiatives and roadmap towards Direct Port Delivery at JNPT”. Shri Bansal highlighted that DPD is a major initiative of Govt. of India under “Make in India” & “Ease of Doing Business” and very important initiative for reduction of dwell time and transaction cost. He urged the stakeholders to motivate as many importers to avail this facility and thanked the importers in helping Port achieve 8-fold rise in DPD registration in January 2017 alone.  He also maintained that JN Port is committed to support importers in facilitating this initiative and requested the stakeholders to forward their suggestions for making DPD a success. To create awareness about this initiative JNPT has been conducting series of events to reach out at all levels of stakeholders.  A report presented by BRIEF on ‘Policy Brief on DPD’ corroborated the hike in DPD customer base at JNPT and found it very encouraging.

Shri Bansal thanked BRIEF for organizing this workshop which facilitated fruitful deliberations among key stakeholders - the policy establishment, key stakeholders in the logistics supply chain, business chambers as well as individual traders with the overall objective of augmentation of direct delivery at Indian ports.

Photo Caption : Shri Neeraj Bansal, Dy.Chairman, JNPT addressing the gathering on JNPT’s initiatives for DPD

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