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Celebration of National Maritime Day 05-04-2017 at Kandla Port

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While celebrating the 54th National Maritime Day by the Kandla Port, it was brought out by Capt. K.M. Mathews, Harbour Master that KPT has handle 105.44 MMT cargo consecutively for 2nd year and maintained Numero Uno position continuously for a decade.

​This is an achievement of all employees of Kandla Port Trust but it is essential to highlight the pivotal role played by the Marine Department and Marine Officers.

​Beginning with, Capt. Mathews stated that Kandla being tidal port having one of the longest navigational channel (SOGAL CHANNEL) piloting ships requires uncanny knack, highly skilled and professional aptitude, as within the narrow (4 hrs. of tidal window), they have to manage berthing and berthing in all weather condition, rough seas, strong winds and strong tidal currents often working in high risk environment.

​It is a challenging job to handle large vessels having length of 240 mtrs. and above length in a small window of period of tide with similar vessels being brought in and out of the harbour.  During recent past, pilots manage 07 Nos. of such movements, out of which 02 unberthing and 05 berthing. Again out of 7, there were 5 such vessels were having deep draught of 12.5 mtrs. and above when permissible draught was 12.96 mtrs. Thus, there is a severe pressure on the part of pilots for safe navigation of vessels in the channel accommodating all vessels in a small window period of tide.

​At Off Shore Oil Terminal, Vadinar, there are 3 Nos. of SPMs and are continuously occupied with VLCCs and Deep Draft Tankers, which requires highly skilful expertise for safe berthing and unberthing at SPM.

​To berth and unberth/handle the tankers of 14 mtrs. + at Essar Product Jetties, a very narrows channel, be it day or night, it requires a great courage and professional skills for environment sensitive Vadinar Terminal, which is located at India’s only land-based National Marine Park.

​The Flotilla Section, which is part of the Marine Department also provides support services to the shipping operations performed by Pilots, which includes passing of ropes from ship to jetty, securing of vessels to the mooring buoys, providing pilot transportation by pilot launches, mooring launches and patrolling etc.

​There is also a Signal Station, manned by 24 hrs., which plays very important role of communication, coordination between ships, pilots, flotilla, tugs, port users and all other departments to ensure that shipping movements are being carried out timely, smoothly and safely.

​There is a Fire Brigade Section (Emergency Response Centre) under the Marine Department, which carries huge responsibility of fire safety of the entire Kandla Complex. The Section is providing prompt and timely fire services, in all circumstances.

​It is the hard work, sacrifice round-the-clock in harsh and hazardous working conditions. Officers/Staff of Marine (Pilots, Flotilla, Signal Station, Fire Brigade).

No. of Ship handled​​​​
VADINAR​:​  508

Total No. of shipping movements​:​

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