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Krishnapatnam Port becomes first port to introduce Automated Fertilizer Handling System

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Date: 05/06/2017
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•    Largest infrastructural set up equipped for end to end cargo operations from vessel to rail evacuation
•    System to get the cargo importer ready in just six to eight hours to reach bagged cargo

Krishnapatnam Port, the country’s largest all-weather; deep water port on the east-coast of India has conceptualized and installed a first of its kind Automated Fertilizer Handling System (AFHS) in India. The innovative infrastructural set-up was inaugurated by the Shri. Amitabh Kant (I.A.S), CEO, Niti Aayog at the port.
The AFHS at Krishnapatnam Port is one of the most modern and technologically superior infrastructural set up which will be equipped to handle end to end fertilizer cargo operations right from the cargo discharge from vessel till evacuation by road/rail.
A more reliable, economical and an all weather cargo handling solution, AFHS will enable the port to meet the increasing demand of imported fertilizers. Offering requisite efficiencies, flexibility and precision in operations, with the new system installed, the port is expecting to meet the needs of fertilizer importer in a smart and efficient manner.
The state of the art technology integrates multiple processes to augment the fertilizer handling capacity at Krishnapatnam Port while offering customised solutions to fertilizer importers.
Having extensive experience in handling fertilizer cargo, the AFHS is a new milestone for Krishnapatnam elevating the port’s existing handling capacity to more than three million tonnes per annum. The manual handling of fertilizer cargo which prior to AFHS used to take two to three  days, has been radically reduced to a mere six to eight hours with the new automated system. The procedure includes unloading from the vessel, packaging at the port moving to warehouse, and then loading on a rake (rail). Further, bagging and loading of the shipments can happen anytime of the year, including rainy season as the entire process takes place in shielded environment.
Speaking on the occasion Shri. Amitabh Kant said “Krishnapatnam Port is India’s youngest yet one of the most efficient and technologically advanced ports. It has an ability to turnaround things a fast pace. The Indian market typically characterized with high logistics costs makes imports and export very expensive. New age ports such as Krishnapatnam, through automation and global technologies play very crucial role in efficient turnaround and cost reduction. The launch of Automated Fertilizer Handling System is a huge operational leap for the port which connects with the Prime Minister Modi’s initiative of Make in India and his dream of Digital India. Backed with its excellent rail and road connectivity Krishnapatnam has a great potential to become a transshipment hub and an excellent alternative to Colombo Port. Government is focusing on ease of doing business and will do everything possible to help the port.”
Mr. C Sasidhar, Managing Director, Krishnapatnam Port Company Ltd. said “Innovation and operational efficiency has always been at the centre of the scheme of things at Krishnapatnam Port. We have implemented globally acclaimed technologies which elevates the port’s performance thus delighting our clients. Demand for fertilizer cargo in India is huge, on an average India imports about 14-18 million tonnes of fertilizer cargo in a year. Considering benefits such as saving of time and cost along with customizable solutions, Krishnapatnam is all poised to become the most preferred among shipping companies and importers for fertilizer shipments”.
With efficient handling mechanisms in place, cargo uniformity is maintained throughout. Besides ensuring weight accuracy within permissible limits, the cargo is kept intact through composite covered handling.
Reduced dependency on labour also minimises cargo losses which will be handled clinically through fully automated equipments while improving the efficiency of rake loading enabling to load a rake in 2 hours. In addition to all these, AFHS offer immense flexibility to bag and evacuate various types of cargos at any given point of time, there by meeting the farmer’s requirements dynamically.
The Automated Fertilizer handling system integrates the following processes:
A. Standardisation of Bulk Fertiliser Cargo using Fully Automatic Bagging Lines.
B. Palletisation of Individual Bags into unit loads by using Fully Automatic Palletizers.
C. Elevated Conveyor System connecting the bagging lines and the Palletizers.
D. Elevated and covered Railway platforms.
E. Interface which acts as a control to monitor control room to monitor the entire operations.

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