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KPT has been undertaking the CSR activities

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Date: 02/08/2017

The KPT has been undertaking the CSR activities as per the scheme since 2011-12 as per the guidelines and the KPT Board has so far approved Rs.18.60 crores from 2011-12 to 2016-17 towards the Corporate Social Responsibility scheme.
As a part of CSR Scheme, the CSR Committee of KPT met recently and recommended the following CSR activities / works, amounting Rs.140.30 lakhs, for consideration of the Board: -

Sr.     Name of Scheme                                                    Approximate Cos
1.     RCC Community Hall at Harshidhi Mata         Rs. 19.00 lakhs
    Temple, Veera village, Antar Taluka     
2.     Fabricated Community Hall at Sanghad          Rs.21.00 lakhs
    village Anjar Taluka     
3.     CSR Works for Shri Maheshwari     
    Meghvad Samaj, Gandhidham, at Grave              Rs. 8.00 Lakhs
4.     CSR works for Shri Dhanraj Matiyadev     
    Muktidham, Sector-14, Rotary Nagar,                    Rs. 30.50 lakhs
5.     CSR Works for Nirvasit Harijan Co-     
    operative Housing Society, Gandhidham               Rs.41.00 Lakhs
6.     CSR Works for Shri Rotary Nagar     
    Primary School Gandhidham                                      Rs.2.80 Lakhs
7.     CSR Works at NU-4, NU-10(B)     
    Sapnanagar & Shaktinaqar, Golden                          Rs. 18.00 Lakhs
    Jubilee Park at Gandhidham     
    Total Cost                                                                           Rs.140.30 Lakhs
The above recommendations to be placed at the ensuing Board meeting for approval.

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