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Essar Power MP stabilises Unit II of 2x600 MW Mahan power plant

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Date: 17/08/2017
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With this, entire 1,200 MW project ready to generate power at full load

Company sourcing coal from Government-conducted e-auction; increased availability of affordable coal will ensure sustained operations

6 out of 7 Essar Power plants in India now operational

Essar Power MP Ltd. today stabilised operations in Unit II of its 2x600 MW Mahan power plant. The company has secured coal through a Government-conducted e-auction for the plant.

Essar Power Ltd built the plant, which is located in Madhya Pradesh’s Singrauli district, at a cost of more than Rs 8,000 crore. It requires approximately 5.5 million tonnes of domestic coal per year to generate full load.

Mr KVB Reddy, CEO, Essar Power, said: “We are delighted that the entire plant is stabilised now and is capable to run at 100% capacity. Increased availability of affordable coal will help us ensure sustained operations at Mahan and fulfill our commitment to supply low-cost power to the nation. We are sincerely thankful to the Government for making e-auction coal available at prices that are in line with the current market scenario. Enhanced coal production and supply are welcome developments for the power sector and will help stranded power projects.”

Essar Power’s operational capacity in India now stands at 3,745 MW across 6 coal- and gas-fired plants. The company is currently developing the 2x600 MW Tori plant in Jharkhand, and the remaining 2x30 MW units of the 120 MW Paradip power project.

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