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Record Shipment of 6016 cars in a day at Mumbai Port

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Date: 27/10/2017

M.V. Viking Destiny under agency of Samsara Shipping loaded 6016 vehicles in a span of 24 hrs. on 20/21.10.2017 comprising 2870 Volkswagen vehicles, 3139 General Motor vehicles and 7 JCB.  This shipment is the largest parcel size loaded on a car carrier at Mumbai Port. 

2.       M.V. Pagalia under agency of Merchant Shipping loaded 1202 vehicles on 23.10.2017 which included 604 Jeep Compass for shipment to Japan & Australia.  The jeep compass is the all-new compact SUV having state of art intuitive design 4 x 4 capacity, 7 speed dual dry clutch manufactured exclusively in India and this was the first shipment of jeep vehicles to developed countries and many more such shipments are expected in near future.

3.       With the above shipment, a total of 1,30,250 vehicles have been shipped in this year from 1.4.2017 to 24.10.2017 through Mumbai Port.

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