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Date: 08/01/2018
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Global trade enabler DP World operated India Gateway Terminal Pvt. Ltd. (IGTPL) has recorded yet another successful year of exemplary growth. The country’s first international transshipment gateway registered an annual throughput of more than 532,000 TEU between January 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017, delivering an astounding growth of 11% compared to the previous year. The terminal also recorded their highest monthly throughput of more than 51,000 TEU in October 2017.

DP World Cochin introduced a number on initiatives providing smart trade solutions and adding value to the supply chain by engaging with their customers and stakeholders. In their commitment towards facilitating ease of doing business, the terminal has successfully introduced a new digital portal by Bharat Trade which enables smooth paperless transaction and offers a single window to customers and ensures digital exchange of data on real-time bases. DP World Cochin has improved its hinterland connectivity which has benefitted the local importers and exporters from the states of Kerala, parts of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. IGTPL has resiliently accentuated its leadership position in container trade, offering direct services from Australia, Fareast, South East Asia and Middle East to Cochin and from Cochin to Fareast, Middle East, Europe and Mediterranean.

Mr. Jibu Kurien Itty, CEO, DP World Cochin, said, “At DP World Cochin, our focus continues to be a catalyst in providing faster and cost effective trade solutions to our customers. We continuously work towards enhancing terminal efficiency with efforts channelized towards understanding customer needs. In 2017, we have registered 11% growth outpacing the South Indian ports market growth rate of 9%. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers and partners for the trust they have shown in us and our ability to service them.

We are confident that the year 2018 will reinforce our position as the most efficient terminal in the southern region.”

Overall, the terminal delivered robust performance in the container trade and continues to transform the supply chain. The terminal’s strong portfolio and their flexibility to introduce new services is a result of their highly skilled workforce and an excellent in-house developed terminal operating system ‘Zodiac’. The terminal continues to be highly efficient and productive with truck turnaround time on an average of 27 minutes and records an average Gross Crane Rate (GCR) of 31 moves per hour. DP World Cochin will soon be introducing RFID based automated gate management system to further enhance the terminal efficiency, and to facilitate the ease of doing business.

Some of the major highlights for DP World Cochin in the year 2017 were:
•    DP World Cochin records an annual throughput of more than half million TEU
•    The terminal’s mainline service ‘Galex’ with vessel size of up to 6750 TEU and 14.5m draft scheduled its 200th call on December 31, 2017.
•    Another mainline service ‘NEMO’ with a vessel capacity of 7350 TEU and 14.5m draft made its 300th call in the same month.
•    The terminal also introduced new feeder services in the year 2017 and recorded a phenomenal 30% growth in the transshipment business.
•    The terminal received direct vessel calls from Africa during Cashew season.

Some of the highlights in commodities exported were:
•    Garment exports from Cochin improved by a fascinating 64%
•    Coir and coir products reported 23% growth
•    Wood and wood products saw an improvement of 18%
•    Frozen Seafood and Tea exports increased by 15%

In line with DP World’s ‘Our World, Our Future’ programme, IGTPL vigorously works in association with its local NGO partners, neighboring schools and hospitals with various activities such as health check-ups, cleanliness drives, blood donation drives, etc.

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