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To Celebrate the 4th Anniversary of the foundation of MAPS (Maritime Awareness Program Society
Date: 24/01/2018
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MAPS (Maritime Awareness Program Society)

The earth is covered with two thirds water and therefore it is not surprising that more than 90% of the world’s goods are transported through water.

Isn’t it ironical then, that the consumer who takes for granted the supply of basic needs like food, , energy, clothes , electronic goods etc, is not aware of the role the shipping industry plays in getting these to him.

Unlike the trucks, trains, planes etc, ships are only seen either in movies of by people who live on the coast. Even then a few percentage of people exactly know how this industry is the very back bone of their survival. The awareness of this great and noble industry is not propagated and neither taught in elementary schools. But this industry works 24 hrs. a day, and 365 days a year, tirelessly. There are no Sundays or holidays on board a ship. Ship personnel do not go on strike... the world cannot afford it.

Lord Buddha said “Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of this candle will not be shortened.

The Maritime Industry is one such single candle, giving light and life to numerous industries. It is what you might like to refer to as the Silent Mother.

Almost every industry’s survival and growth depends on this Silent Mother

Isn’t it time we gave this mother some credit and some appreciation ..?

This industry is also the most environment friendly means of transportation and is highly regulated. It was with the above thoughts the marine professionals in India created a society called the Maritime Awareness program Society or simply (MAPS). The only aim of this society is to promote the importance of the Maritime Industry to the common man and how it affects their everyday life. The founder members are Capt. Navin Passey, Capt. Sanjay Maini, Capt. K.S.Paintal. If you wish to join this campaign please feel free to interact with them.

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