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Date: 06/10/2016

~24% volume growth, 31% increase in number of vessels handled, GCR of 31 moves crane moves per hour~

Cochin, India, October 6, 2016: Global trade enabler DP World operated International Container Transshipment Terminal, Cochin has witnessed 24% growth for the current year till date, thereby establishing itself as the container terminal of choice in the region, and providing customers with world-class facilities and service.

First 9 months of the year saw an overall increase of 31% in the number of vessels handled and an improvement in Gantry crane moves to 31 moves per hour per crane which outshines the international industry standards. The truck turnaround time of 26 minutes, provides mute testimony of the terminal’s operational efficiency. The terminal has also been consistent in handling an average of over 40,000 TEU in this financial year.

This sizable market growth achieved by DP World Cochin has been accomplished by persistent marketing efforts in the hinterlands and ease of business brought about by a customer focused approach, contributing substantially to Cochin Port’s revenue.

The record breaking volume performance and high levels of productivity has been aided by the highly skilled manpower and by the efficiency brought  in by the in-house developed, technologically advanced, intelligent Terminal Operating System (TOS) – ZODIAC. The TOS Zodiac covers real-time execution with planned resources in an effective manner, with smart controls. It also supports a high level of automation, provides an integrated platform of Gate-Yard-Rail-Vessel movement, and facilitates ease of doing business, thus being highly beneficial to the customers and trade. DP World Cochin has been one of the first terminals in the country to adopt this system.

Mr. Jibu Kurien Itty, CEO, DP World Cochin said, “We have excelled in our operational parameters of GCR (gross crane rate) and truck turnaround time, which have helped us to turn vessels around much faster than other ports in the region, thereby saving both time and money for shipping lines. We have facilitated the trade by redefining their supply chain, ensuring less cost, faster transit times and best-in-class customer service. We have ensured better co-ordination with trade bodies in all aspects of shipping, including operations, documentation, etc.; and that has helped in gaining and maintaining the momentum.”

DP World Cochin serves as the natural gateway to the vast industrial and agricultural produce markets of the South & West of India. The hinterland of the port includes the state of Kerala and parts of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Improved road and rail connectivity have substantially reduced the transit time and logistics costs, making Cochin Port a preferred gateway for exports & imports from/to the hinterland.

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