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The Nautical Institute India NW Chandigarh celebrates the ‘Day of the Seafarer’ gives a thrust to Seafarer wellbeing.

BSN Network / Chandigarh
Date: 25/06/2018

NI India NW Vice Chairman Capt. Rohit Bhatia, AFNI, thanked
Dr. Malini V. Shankar, IAS, Director General of Shipping for  attending the celebrations of the “Day of the Seafarer” in Chandigarh .
DG Shipping Dr. Malini V. Shankar, IAS in her address spoke about the robust decisions being taken by the Directorate which has minimized the fraudulent activities of non-RPSL companies and also elevated the level of Indian Seafaring. She outlined the activities of DG Shipping to the local Seafaring fraternity and emphasized the role of all Organizations like the Nautical Institute at the grass-root level and bringing up the overall professional growth of the Seafarers.
She connected with the Seafarers much by sharing her experiences and instances of meeting the great mentors from Shipping industry and the value they inculcate within the current &future Seafarers.
She congratulated the NI India NW Chandigarh Committee in bringing the NCC & Merchant Navy on common platform and being instrumental in giving the right guidance to anybody willing to take Merchant Navy as a career.
DGS Dr. Malini closed her address with her trademark applaud to the Chandigarh Fraternity of including the glamour quotient to their maritime events, which turn ups to be a different flavor than the ‘Professional Mumbai’ and a ‘Simple Chennai’.
NI India NW Chandigarh, since its inception in 2017, has always been on front-foot in conducting Career Counselling in  various Schools and NCC camps in the region, promoting Merchant Navy as a Career and providing right guidance to the students for joining this career.
Dr. Malini V. Shankar, Director General of Shipping  was present as chief guest at the Seminar  on theme “Inducting and Empowering Women in Maritime, Shipping and Associated Fields” held on 21st June at Chandigarh. The others present as Guest of Honour Ms Sanjam Gupta, Director Sitara Shipping and Founder member & President WISTA India, Maj. Gen. R. S Mann, Addnl. Director General – NCC P.H.H & C and Mr. Chirag Bahri - ISWAN Regional Director South Asia.
Capt M S Kahlon, Chairman NI NW Chandigarh welcomed the dignitaries, Seafarers and all present in the august gathering and thanked DG Shipping for her gracious presence amongst the seafaring fraternity.
He announced the upcoming association of the renowned ‘Chitkara University’ with the Maritime education, to the august gathering.
The Seminar initiated with the Seafaring style of Safety Announcement to inform the gathering on Fire-fighting & safe evacuation procedures by NI Member 4/E Vipul Sharma.
Mr. Chirag Bahri,ISWAN Regional Director South Asia speaking on behalf of International Seafarers’ Welfare and Assistance Network (ISWAN)informed the Seafarers of the region about the charitable activities by the Organization including 24/7 Seafarer’s Worldwide Support and welfare of Seafarers. ISWAN is instrumental in assisting piracy affected Seafarers and their families as well as sensitizing fresh candidates to choose the right path in joining RPSL companies.
Contributing to the rich maritime traditions through NCC was the agenda of Maj Gen R.S Mann ADG Punjab, Haryana, Himachal & Chandigarh. The presence of the Officer in Uniform elevated the overall prominence of the event. Maj Gen Mann acknowledged the association with the Nautical Institute NW Chandigarh to be an effective approach towards opening new horizons for entrants of Merchant Navy via the trained NCC Cadets, especially from the Naval Wing. These Cadets remain in a rigorous routine and are trained for values of Diversity, Discipline and Integrity and come from interiors of India. Merchant Navy companies can take advantage of such performance oriented ready manpower in their recruitment drives.
NCC Naval Wing Cadets were a part of the audience and made their presence felt with their crisp uniforms and poised behaviour.
The Nautical Institute India NW Chandigarh branch had organized a display of Merchant Navy uniforms along-with glamorous companion female models during the last Seminar as a part of National Maritime Day Celebrations in April’ 18. A Video snippet was played during the event and Vice Admiral (Retd.) H . S. Malhi, member Nautical Institute India NW, announced the 6 Winners out of all the female models from the previously held event. These winners were awarded with Complimentary Travel onboard the iconic Indian Passenger Ship – MV ANGRIYAfortheir to-fro travel from hometown. They were also awarded with certificates by the dignitaries.
The audience were overwhelmed with the introduction & achievements of the Guest of Honour Ms. Sanjam Gupta, Director Sitara Shipping, Founder member & President WISTA India, who was introduced to the audience by NI Indian NW member C/O Mr. Hushpinder Singh. Ms Sanjam Gupta is known to the fraternity for promoting and mentoring Women in Shipping industry across the region. She has been instrumental in organizing various activities to promote this cause and has been recognized Internationally for her noble actions.
Ms Sanjam Gupta spoke about Gender Diversity and also the release of a booklet on Gender Diversity, as an educational tool and resource for improving conditions onboard for women in the shipping industry. She emphasized on our role to create awareness and promote diversity by giving courses on cultural differences at the Seafarer’s schools & universities in the region. It needs to start from the youth, and has to be implemented by their parents at a young age.
Having a good work-life balance is a crucial factor for women workers everywhere. Together, we should be able to create opportunities for a more diverse, inclusive and stronger maritime community. Her words of wisdom were well appreciated by the audience which consisted of almost an equal number of females.
Capt. M S Kahlon introduced the newly formed WISTA India members from Chandigarh area. Chandigarh is a rising Shipping support hub and has numerous Entrepreneurs, Ship management company representative offices, Pre & Post Sea Institutes and various Shipping background support service Organizations.
TMC Shipping Global Head Mr. Anil Jinsi connected with the audience on his address on ‘Women Empowering the Nation’. He highlighted the rich Indian heritage had always empowered Women whether it being a Mother, a Princess or a Fighter. Women had always brought laurels to their respective fields and the need to sensitize one’s own family and friends on acceptance of the facts. His historic references of numerous instances did ring a bell in audience.
On 20th June’ 18 morning  the NI Indian NW Chandigarh members in association with WISTA India travelled to the NCC Camp of Ropar, Punjab to impart counselling regarding joining Merchant Navy as a Career to the NCC Cadets. The NCC camp was organised for above 400 Cadets to be present for this counselling. More than 30% of the Cadets comprised of Females from various interior parts of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal and Chandigarh. The Cadets were very
patiently addressed and informed of the minimum requisites to join this career by GM Capt Ashish Singh of Executive Ship Management, its benefits and the life at Sea. WISTA India President Ms Sanjam Gupta interacted with the Cadets on the Gender Diversity in the career and various opportunities for Females to join Shipping related fields like logistics and ports. The NCC Cadets undergo rigorous training in various domains including life at Sea, diversity, integrity & discipline. They also perform various technical tasks during their engagement in the academy. The NI members were overwhelmed to witness the Ship models created by the NCC Naval Wing Cadets with high precision and to Scale.
The celebrations continued on 21st June 2018 with early morning Yoga session at the famous PCA Stadium, Mohali in the background of the lush green cricket grounds with a very momentous privilege of having Dr Malini .V. Shankar, IAS, DG Shipping, India.
The instructor for the day happened to be a Seafarers wife, Ms Prianka Sharma. Very graciously DG Shipping along with all present, started simple breathing exercises and then gradually advanced to conglomerate asanas.
Each one present held the spirit of a Seafarer and performed yoga while giving their 100%.

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